ACLU and USJAN Partner for Justice Reform Call-in Day

Supporter “Call-In” Day: Tuesday, September 13

The ACLU is joining our partner, the U.S. Justice Action Network, on Justice Reform Call-in Day to ensure members of Congress hear from their constituents about the need to reform our broken justice system.

Calling in is fast and easy:

Step 1: Dial 201-365-9511 to get connected to your member of Congress. 

Step 2: State your name and where you’re calling from.

Step 3: Leave a message. Here’s a sample script:

I’m calling to urge you to support to support H.R. 3713 and H.R. 759 right now. Our justice system is broken and it’s time to fix it. One in three Americans now has a criminal record, our prisons are overcrowded, and families are being torn apart. The legislation that’s being proposed will more fairly address how people are sentenced, and would help more people return to productive lives upon leaving prison. It’s time to act on smart justice reform.