Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Approved by Arizona Legislature

Syrita Bowen Arizona, News, Uncategorized

The U.S. Justice Action Network, the largest bipartisan group working to reform the justice system in Arizona and around the country, applauds the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives for passing HB 2477, sponsored by Representative Eddie Farnsworth. The legislation received concurrence today in the House and now awaits action by Governor Doug Ducey. The bill will increase the proof required before the government may permanently take a person’s property, while expanding transparency and reporting into the process. This type of reform is widely popular, with 73% of Arizona voters saying that civil asset forfeiture is in need of reform, according to a recent poll out last month from the U.S. Justice Action Network. 

Jenna Moll, Deputy Director, U.S. Justice Action Network: “Today, the Arizona Legislature spoke loudly and clearly. At every committee hearing and in each vote by the House and Senate, this bill was approved with overwhelming bipartisan support. This is a direct result of the strong support for these policies by Arizona voters. HB 2477 will protect property rights in Arizona and provide more transparency into forfeiture practices, and we thank Rep. Farnsworth and Sen. Burges for shepherding this important measure through the Legislature. We ask Gov. Ducey to stand with the Legislature and Arizona property owners and swiftly sign this bill into law, fulfilling the promise he made in his State of the State address to prioritize smart justice reforms.”