ICYMI: NFL Players Call on Congress to Act on Justice Reform

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Yesterday, NFL players Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins, Glover Quin and Johnson Bademosi published an op-ed in CNN calling on federal lawmakers to fix the justice system and work to implement smart reforms. They highlighted the need to move away from failed, antiquated policies like mandatory minimums, and urged them to implement reforms that help formerly incarcerated people reenter society. They also called on Congress to follow the lead of the states that have successfully enacted justice reform policies. The piece immediately gained wide-spread attention, and national outlets have amplified the important call to action.

This is just the beginning. This movement is growing and we expect to hear more from these voices in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned! Read more below:

CNN: NFL Players to Congress: Let’s fix the justice system

By Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins, Glover Quin and Johnson Bademosi

We made these visits and we are speaking out now because we believe our justice system is broken. We believe America is locking the wrong people up for the wrong reasons for too long. We believe treatment and rehabilitation are often better alternatives to prison. And we believe that for those who do deserve prison time, there should also be second chances.

We were so gratified to see that most of the elected officials we met in Washington on the right and on the left believe this, too. In fact, it seems criminal justice reform may be the only issue where members of both parties agree.

We are in this for the long haul. We know these problems won’t be solved in a few weeks or months, but we are committed to using our voices to do whatever we can to truly make our neighborhoods safer. We hope members of Congress will join us and that the Trump administration, Mr. Sessions in particular, will think twice about reviving a war on drugs that no one can win.

Sports Illustrated: NFL players speak out about justice system

Four NFL players wrote a stinging commentary on the nation’s criminal justice system, imploring the policy makers to do more to help those who are jailed and those who have been released to help rebuild their lives.

Bleacher Report: Anquan Boldin, 3 Other NFL Players Write Op-Ed Pushing Criminal Justice Reform

The players took issue with prosecutors’ handling of certain drug charges. They recounted the story of Evans Ray, who received a life sentence for his role in arranging a 2007 drug sale. President Barack Obama commuted his sentence last August.

NBC Sports: Four players publish column aimed at revived war on drugs

A quartet of NFL players who have devoted time and effort to addressing concerns regarding the criminal justice system have written a column that advocates against what could be a renewed war on drugs.

The effort from Malcolm Jenkins, Anquan Boldin, Glover Quin, and Johnson Bademosi, posted at CNN.com, is aimed at a recent directive from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to require prosecutors to seek the strongest possible sentences in all situation, including drug offenses.

New York Daily News Column: NFL players are starting to walk the walk, after talking the talk on social justice

On Tuesday, Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins, Glover Quin and Johnson Bademosi penned an op-ed that was addressed to the nation and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions entitled, “Let’s fix the justice system.”

The gist of the opinion piece centers on how the majority of the country wants to end the war on drugs, as well as finding ways to better our criminal justice system, which often leads to mass incarceration.

Fanrag Sports Network: Jenkins and Boldin among four asking for justice reform

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions giving federal prosecutors orders to seek the harshest criminal charges and sentences against crime suspects, there have been multiple arguments that this approach would be counterproductive. On Tuesday, four NFL players, free-agent wide receiver Anquan Boldin, Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin and Detroit Lions cornerback Johnson Bademosi, wrote a column for CNN.com detailing why they believe that the changes proposed by Attorney General Sessions would be a step in the wrong direction.