Kentucky Legislature Sends Clear Message: We Want More Jobs, Less Crime

Syrita Bowen Kentucky, News, Uncategorized

The U.S. Justice Action Network, the largest bipartisan organization working to reform the justice system in Kentucky and across the country, congratulates the House of Representatives for passing Senate Bill 120, legislation introduced by Senate Judiciary Chairman Whitney Westerfield aimed at putting people to work and reducing crime. The bill had near-unanimous support in the Senate, and today’s House vote achieved an overwhelming bipartisan majority, 85 – 9. The bill now moves back to the Senate for concurrence, and then to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Holly Harris, Executive Director, U.S. Justice Action Network: “The sweetest victories are those you have to fight for, and today’s final floor vote on Kentucky’s reentry reform bill is no exception. Thanks to the tenacity of law enforcement officials, jailers, faith organizations, victims groups and business leaders, Kentucky will soon offer more opportunities for people to find good jobs and turn away from crime. This was not an easy road, and we applaud Sen. Whitney Westerfield for his courage to step out and challenge the status quo, and leadership in both the House and Senate for making justice reform a priority. The foundation is strong for Kentucky to build on this success, and we look forward to supporting the broad coalition working to create a more effective justice system and safer communities.”

Here’s What Some of SB 120’s Supporters Have Had to Say:

  • Eileen Recktenwald, Executive Director of the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, and Sherry Currens is Executive Director of the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence: Ky. bill would help ex-criminals, victims