New Sponsors Grow Momentum for Federal Criminal Justice Reforms

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April 28, 2016

A bipartisan group of senators sponsoring the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015 announced new provisions in the legislation that has won additional supporters, including U.S. Sens. Thad Cochran, Steve Daines, Mark Kirk, and Dan Sullivan. The U.S. Justice Action Network, the largest bipartisan organization working to reform the criminal justice system, is pleased to see the growing bipartisan voices in support of these needed changes to our federal criminal justice system.

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Holly Harris, Executive Director, U.S. Justice Action Network:

“American taxpayers are spending too much money locking up too many people for far too long – and we aren’t getting the public safety return we deserve.  On behalf of our eight partner organizations representing conservative and progressive views, we applaud Chairman Chuck Grassley and Ranking Member Patrick Leahy and the bi-partisan group of Senators who have worked so hard on legislation that safely reduces the federal prison population and makes our justice system fairer and more effective. We urge the full Senate to bring this legislation to a vote.”

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Jesselyn McCurdy, Senior Legislative Counsel, ACLU:

“Today’s compromise fuels our growing efforts to pass reforms that will curb our high incarceration rate and stem its devastating effects on millions of families and communities nationwide. The Senate legislation has brought together a wide range of advocates and lawmakers to implement badly needed fixes to our country’s broken justice system, and we are proud to be a part of that coalition. We are committed to these sentencing reforms that will ultimately result in safer and stronger communities.”

Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform:

“With these new changes, and the addition of Senators Kirk, Sullivan, Cochran, and Daines the Senate has reaffirmed its commitment to conservative reform that works. The groups endorsing these reforms span the spectrum from fiscal hawks, to faith groups, to law enforcement advocates. America deserves a criminal justice system that will make our communities safer, as these provisions have done in the conservative states that pioneered them.”

Todd A. Cox, Director of Criminal Justice Policy at the Center for American Progress:

“We are encouraged by the continuing Senate efforts to maintain the bipartisan momentum to reform our criminal justice system and expand opportunities to individuals with criminal records. The policies imposed during the so-called tough-on-crime era of the 1980s and 1990s continue to drive racial inequality and poverty in America. Today, nearly half of U.S. children have a parent with a criminal record, and we know that a criminal history carries lifelong barriers that can block successful participation in society not just for the millions of individuals directly impacted, but also their families, communities, and our nation as a whole. The time to seize this opportunity is now, and we will continue to work with our partners across the political spectrum to achieve meaningful reforms that keep us safe while ensuring a fair justice system that affords individuals with criminal records a second chance.”

Timothy Head, Executive Director, Faith and Freedom Coalition:

“The reintroduction of the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act is a step in the right direction for ensuring that federal justice reform happens this year. This legislation, along with bills in the U.S. House, provides the best opportunity in many years at the federal level to emulate accomplishments in conservative states such as Texas and Georgia that have made communities safer, cut wasteful government spending, reduced recidivism, and promoted strong families by removing barriers for those working to re-enter society to lead productive lives.”

Adam Brandon, President and CEO, FreedomWorks:

“We appreciate the hard work of Chairman Grassley and his Senate colleagues for their efforts on the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act. This bill is a good first step toward ensuring that our sentencing and corrections policies are more efficient and less costly while enhancing public safety. Republican senators who have not yet supported the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act should learn the lessons from conservative states like Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. They have enacted conservative criminal justice reforms that protect the public and save taxpayers money. We hope the changes made to the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act in the Senate will move it a step closer to passage and becoming law.”

Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights:

“Today, the Senate proved the naysayers wrong and reinforced the bipartisan consensus to reform our inhumane and expensive criminal justice system. This bill is gaining steam in the Senate and we’re looking forward to reviewing and assessing the implications of this new language.”

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