Optimism for Federal Justice Reforms Grows in Congress

Syrita Bowen News, Uncategorized

Today, Sen. Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor to express his hope for bipartisan sentencing reform this Congress. This comes on the heels of yesterday’s bipartisan vote to pass the Fair Chance Act out of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. Following the U.S. Attorney General’s decision to restrict federal prosecutors’ use of discretion in individual cases, the U.S. Justice Action Network applauds the Senate for taking steps to work across the aisle and continuing the momentum for federal reforms. 

Holly Harris, Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Action Network: “Contrary to what you may read in the news, one thing has become even more clear over the last week: there is still strong bipartisan support in Congress for justice reforms that strengthen public safety and break down barriers for those that have paid their debt to society. Too many offenders in our federal system are sent to prison for unreasonably long sentences without adequate programming to help them become productive members of society upon release. Too often, they find themselves unable to find a job, increasing the likelihood that they commit a new crime. We thank the bipartisan group of Senators who, regardless of the distractions, have shown the country this week that they remain committed to reforming our nation’s justice system.”