Tell 2016 Candidates: Now Is the Time for Smart Justice Reform

American voters have spoken loud and clear: 69% say it is important for the country to reduce its prison populations, including 81% of Democrats, 71% of Independents and 54% of Republicans.

We can’t afford to continue spending $80 billion every year incarcerating more of our citizens than every other country in the world. It’s unsustainable, ineffective, and expensive. States across the country, red and blue, have begun to turn their systems around. And it’s time for our next president to stand up and speak.

JOIN US NOW: Demand that the 2016 presidential candidates tell us how they will fix the nation’s broken justice system and better protect public safety.

If you’re seeking our support at the ballot box in 2016, it’s time to tell us where you stand today.

More than 70 million American adults — 1 in 3 — have a criminal record, which creates barriers to gaining employment, housing and education. What will you do to make sure that these one in three Americans can get a job, take care of their families, and turn their lives around? Tell voters where you stand.

Our prison system is expensive: costs have nearly doubled over the last two decades at the federal level, and state corrections budgets have grown by 400% since 1980. What will do you to make sure that American voters aren’t stuck paying skyrocketing prison bills when they’re already struggling to pay their own bills? Tell voters where you stand.

About 2.7 million children in America have a parent behind bars – despite the fact that far too many of those in state prisons are serving time for non-violent offenses. What will you do to reunite and strengthen families, and reserve prison beds only for those who actually pose a risk to public safety? Tell voters where you stand.

We want a president who isn’t afraid to lead, and who isn’t afraid to speak up on one of the most important issues of this generation.

Join us now in demanding 2016 candidates tell us where they stand on fixing the nation’s broken justice system to make it work for all of us, not just the bureaucrats.