Thank You, Governor Ducey, for Protecting Arizonans’ Property Rights

Syrita Bowen Arizona, News, Uncategorized

Governor Doug Ducey today stood with almost every single legislator in the Statehouse and the majority of Arizona voters, and signed civil asset forfeiture reforms in law. With his pen, he raised the burden of proof for forfeitures in the state and dramatically expanded transparency into the process, ensuring property owners have more protections. The U.S. Justice Action Network hailed his leadership on this issue:

Jenna Moll, Deputy Director, U.S. Justice Action Network: “The support for civil asset forfeiture reforms was overwhelming, and today those reforms became the law of the land. Thank you, Governor Ducey, for protecting the property rights of Arizonans by signing these reforms into law and being a champion for a more effective justice system. House Bill 2477, authored by Representative Eddie Farnsworth, is a shining example of effective and bipartisan policymaking for the good of Arizona’s citizens.”