Trump Sends the Signal: The Time is Now to Pass Federal Criminal Justice Reform

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Justice Action Network Says White House Meeting Breathes New Life Into Bipartisan Reform, Which Is Both Smart Policy and Smart Politics 


Washington, D.C. – The Justice Action Network, the largest bipartisan organization working to reform the justice system in DC and across the country, issued the below statement following today’s White House meeting on prison reform, convened by President Donald Trump:

“The ultimate plot twist of 2018 would be if President Trump accomplishes what previous administrations and advocates have been attempting for years: bipartisan justice reform,” said Holly Harris, Executive Director of the Justice Action Network. “Enacting reforms isn’t only good policy, it’s good politics – especially for candidates looking to recruit critical support from new voters ahead of what will be a fiercely competitive midterm election cycle. The most important of those voters will be women. Not only are women the fastest growing demographic of incarcerated people – and the group most impacted by addiction –  but they are the most important demographic for the upcoming election.

“We’re grateful for legislators like Representatives Doug Collins and Hakeem Jeffries who continue setting the example for what effective bipartisan leadership looks like, working with groups on the right and the left to come up with policy solutions to increase public safety, reduce the burden on taxpayers, and give our economy a much needed boost. We are also grateful for state champions already leading on reform, like Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, who today told President Trump how his tireless efforts to give Kentuckians a fair shot at employment are paying dividends in his state.

“What Gov. Bevin and our champions in Congress realize is how these reforms are both smart policies and smart politics. Justice Action Network polling from over a dozen states has shown extraordinary support for reforms like the ones gaining ground in the House, with between 70% and 90% of voters in favor. We hope President Trump heard today about the tremendous potential reform has, and that it’s clear that conservatives across the country want to see action on justice reform and will work across the aisle to make it happen.”

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