U.S. Justice Action Network: Banning the Box in Pennsylvania Opens Doors to Employment

Syrita Bowen News, Pennsylvania, Uncategorized

Today, the U.S. Justice Action Network, the largest bipartisan organization working to reform the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania and across the country, was honored to be a part of Governor Tom Wolf’s action to ban the box for state employment applications. 

U.S. Justice Action Network Executive Director, Holly Harris: “The best way to ensure those who leave prison don’t return is to help them find jobs. We’re glad to see Governor Wolf gets it, and that he’s ready to ‘ban the box’ for state job applicants, get government out of the way and put people back to work. A shocking one in three American adults now has a criminal record. When these people can’t find jobs, they often return to crime and prison, and all of society loses. Today’s action broadens the labor pool for state jobs, provides second chances to those who deserve it, and most importantly, improves public safety. Bipartisan leaders in over 25 states as diverse as Ohio, Kentucky, and Louisiana have supported similar commonsense reforms. And today’s announcement wouldn’t have happened without the persistent advocacy of leaders on both sides of the aisle, with Rep. Jordan Harris (D) and Rep. Tom Murt (R) leading the charge. We need more elected officials who care less about partisanship and more about people, and today’s announcement is exactly the type of leadership Pennsylvanians deserve.”