With Unanimous Vote on S.B. 33, Commonsense Justice Reforms Move to the Governor’s Desk

Amir Ohio, Press

The Justice Action Network, the largest bipartisan organization working to reform the justice system in Ohio and across the country, released the following statement after the Ohio Senate unanimously concurred on Senate Bill 33.

“With the unanimous concurrence of Senate Bill 33, Ohio has taken another step forward in right-sizing an out-of-control justice system,” said Holly Harris, the Executive Director of the Justice Action Network. “Thanks to the leadership of Senate President Larry Obhof, Sens. John Eklund, and Kevin Bacon, this commonsense legislation will create a safer Ohio, reducing recidivism rates and ensuring that valuable taxpayer resources are focused on true threats to our communities.”

“But our work is far from over. The Ohio legislature has another opportunity to build on these achievements with Senate Bill 66, legislation that would expand treatment options and alternatives to incarceration, reform certain approaches to technical violations, and expand record-sealing for certain offenders that have proven a commitment to a crime-free life. This bill is well-vetted, and we urge the Ohio legislature to move it swiftly to passage so that Ohio remains a national leader on commonsense justice reform. ‘As goes Ohio, so goes the nation.'”