WATCH: #Huddle4Justice

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You may think football and criminal justice reform have nothing in common, but they actually share one important quality: they bring people together. And with the Super Bowl just a day away, we thought we would have a little fun bringing together our “unlikely allies.”

This video from our partners—both Republican and Democrat, liberal and conservative—highlights how people who agree on little else can come together and #Huddle4Justice .

We hope this video reminds you that states like Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota are advancing the ball on criminal justice reform. And they’re doing it with support from groups as different as the ACLU of Kentucky and the Pegasus Institute. And today they are putting aside their differences to share their support for reform, and hopefully give you a good laugh while they’re at it.

It’s time for our leaders on the Hill to follow the states’ lead and pass comprehensive, common sense criminal justice reform. It’s the only play no one will second-guess.