Where Donald Trump Stands on Criminal Justice Reform

intern 2016 Profiles

March 26, 2015

We’re taking a look at where the 2016 Presidential Candidates stand on justice reform. See how the rest of them stack up.

TrumpIn the past, Donald Trump has downplayed concerns about the incarceration rate. More recently, he has been vocal about letting the police do their job to prevent violent crimes.

On sentencing and corrections reform:

  • In August 2015 on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Donald Trump said, in terms of violent offenses, “we have to get a lot tougher” and allow law enforcement to “do their job the way they know how to do it, they will stop the onslaught of crime in this country.” On non-violent crimes, Trump said he doesn’t think kids should be thrown in jail for marijuana use, although the issue is “a very tough subject nowadays” because of the state-by-state legality laws.
  • In a November 2015 appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump was asked if he had reconsidered his position on criminal justice. Trump replied, “No. I’m tough on crime … You look at what’s going on in the inner cities right now and it’s unbelievable … it’s like the wild west.”

On incarceration rates:

  • “The next time you hear someone saying there are too many people in prison, ask them how many thugs they’re willing to relocate to their neighborhood. The answer: None,” Trump wrote in his 2000 book.
  • Trump posted an online video discussing the ‘drug epidemic’: “Believe me, I will solve the problem. … They’ll stop coming to our country. And the people that are in trouble, the people that are addicted, we’re going to work with them and try and make them better, and we will make them better.”